Tall Chest From Period Farm Tables

Our Three Most Popular Tall Chset


The Tallulah River Linen Closet

From and owner: We would like to thank you for this beautiful linen closet we purchased from one of your dealers. We were in the process of restoring an older home that has no closet in a bedroom that was going to be our newborn son's bedroom. We had not gotten him anything but a bed and changing table and was on the hunt for him a chest to keep his clothes in when we found this one. When it was delivered and placed in his bedroom I was in more awe at how pretty it was and how large it was.We have also had you to build us a beautiful farm table for our dining room and a tavern table for my home office. Your craftsmanship is beautiful.
 Angie. Peachtee City, Ga.

 The Jeannie Tall Chest


From an owner: I would like to thank you for building this beautiful tall chest for me. When I called and told you I needed a large cabinet in my home office to hold all of my books you said I think I have what you're looking for. I drove up to your shop and when you showed me yours I could not believe all the software and woodworking books you had in it. It's tall but not deep enough to be in my way when I'm working and is exactly what I needed. I've also purchased another one from you for my food pantry and it holds all my canned goods and much more. It sure cleaned up my kitchen for me. I love both of them!  Demi. John's Creek, Ga.

The Suzy Tall Chest

The Suzy can be used for several different things in your home or office. We've built the Suzy for media centers and food pantrys. We've built it for a clothes armoire to hang cloths in and with drawers in the bottom behind the doors. One attorney client has two of them built out of Cherry wood in his office. One is a media center and the other has drawers on the inside to hold his files. You can't go wrong with the Suzy. The original is in a home located in Wolffork Valley, Ga.


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