Two of our most popular Stepback Cupboards. We have several reproductions designs available.

The original Lakemont China & Pewter Stepback Cupboard built in 1984

This is a picture we received recently from the original owners. The Southern Yellow Pine patina is beautiful now. This is our most popular stepback cupboard because of it's beauty and size.

From the owners: I've enclosed you a picture of the stepback pewter cupboard you build for us in 1984. It still sits in the original place from the first day we brought it home with us. Over the  years the pine has darkend into a beautiful patina and is the show piece in our home. It is a heirloom piece and will be passed down to our daughter.  Thank you for your craftsmanship. Jessie & Catherine. Albany, Ga.

The original Tallulh River Stepback Cupboard

The original was built 15 years ago for our most valued and loved employee's wife. Now 87 years old and still going strong in the shop. We've sold many of these out of different woods and finish almost anyway one could imagine.

From an owner: I would like to thank you for the beautiful stepback cupboard you built for us in 2002. I was wanting one when I contacted you. I drove to Lakemont and you showed me the original and I fell in love with it immediately. The size is plenty big to hold all of my china I inherited from my grandparents. We consider it a heirloom piece and our daughter has already declared it hers. Bill & Linda. Atlanta, Ga.


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