Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I order a table or furniture from you?
A: We prefer you to call us on the phone so we can discuss your project with you. Emails can be slow and confusing for both of us.

Q: Do you keep your tables in stock?
A: We do not build tables in hopes of selling one. Our tables are customed ordered from our clients. On occassion we'll build two of the same table at the same time and offer it to sale.

Q: Can I chose the colors and woods for a table?
A: Why certainly you can. It's going to be your table so make your choices and we'll build it for you.

Q: How much do your tables cost?
A: We can only give you a price when we have all your specifications available to us.

Q: How long does it take for you to build me a table?
A: It takes at least two weeks to build a table. Start up time can vary due to the amout of tables ahead of you we have to build.

Q: How do I get my table once you've completed building it for me?
A: We've pretty much covered that on our Ordering Page. Please read that and if you have anymore questions please contact us.

Q: I noticed in the photos on your site that your tables are not beat up and looking old. Do you distress your tables and furniture?
A: We've found out over the many years we've been building tables and furniture not everyone likes distressed and the ones that do have different opinions about it. This is something we discuss on an individual basis with our clients. When we do distress we do it professionally so it will look like the table or piece of furniture aged naturally over the years. A beautiful table or piece of furniture's looks can be destroyed by incorrectly distressing it. The tables you do see on our site are reproductions especially the beautiful Tavern tables.

Q: How do I pay for my table?
A: We'll discuss that once you're ready to order one of our tables.

Q: What payment methods do you use?
A: Cash, Personal Check, Bank Check, USPS Money Order. We accept no Credit-Debit Cards nor Paypal payments. This helps to keep the price down for your project.

Q: Do your tables have company boards?
A: Yes, all of our tables can be fitted with company boards at the client's request.

Q: Can a silverware or linen drawer be added to your tables?
A: Yes. Our new Smash Wagon Creek Harvest Table comes with a handcut dovetailed silverware drawer. We can also add a silverware drawer to any of our tables at a client's request. Our Sawmill Farm Table comes with two drawers.

Q: Do you make your own table legs or do you buy them ready made?
A: Most of our legs are legs that we've measuured from antiques so we hand turn them ourselves in our shop. Sometimes we get an order for a table and have to purchase the legs so we'll not be violating someone else's Copy Right. Some of our legs we've designed ourselves.

Q: Are your tables screwed together? We purchased a farm table off Craig's List and in a few months it started coming apart. We noticed everything about the table had been screwed together. We contacted the seller and he refused to fix or refund our money.
A: There is no way we would use screws to build a table. Wood moves with humidity. If a table is screwed together and when the wood moves there will eventually be failures. The screws will break the wood and will cause sloppy and lose joints. Our tables are handcrafted with the centuries old time and tested pegged mortise and tenon and dovetail joints.
 Our tables are warranted 100% and if a failure occurs, which we've never had, we would repair the table at no cost unless the table had been abused and we can table if one has been abused.

Q: Do you use pressure treated wood with your tables?
A: No, we use only premium furniture grade wood with our tables.

Sawmill Farm Table Lightly Distressed Per Client Request


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