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Ordering A Table and Furniture

We do not keep tables and furniture ready made and ready to sale with some exceptions ocassionally. All of our tables and furniture are custom made per client's specifications as to their needs.

Pricing depends on the size, the woods, the finishes and the project. We would rather you contact us through phone and not emails. We can get more done on your project needs in one phone call than several emails with a lot less time envolved and have a better understanding from you.

It takes at least two weeks on a table from the time we start work on it until it's completed. Sometimes we can be as much as 12 weeks out on starting your project. We're a small family operation and get in no hurry on a project.

Most of our clients come to our shop to get their table or furniture once we've completed it. We have had a client come all the way from Texas to get their table not wanting to wait for it to be packed and shipped to them.

We will deliver in our truck within a 50 mile radius of our shop for free going south and east but will have to charge a small fee for delivery in the mountains. We will also deliver in our truck to most all areas in or near Atlanta for a quoted fee for milage.

We do ship all over the US with freight line trucks and are working on getting a much better price from a local company. Our tables and furniture are heavy. A table is shipped in two pieces, the frame and the top seperate.

When you order a table or piece of our furniture we'll be in regular contact with . We'll call and let you know we've started your project and estimated time to completion and keep you informed on a regular basis during the build. We'll also send you pictures of your project during the build process.

Please feel free to contact us for more information you may need.


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